“I Am My Own In-Law”

New York Times, Modern Love Column, February, 2012.

NEARLY 20 years ago, on a gloriously sunny September afternoon on Cape Cod, waves sparkled, fishing boats bobbed and guests arrived bearing gifts. My widowed mother was about to marry on the well-groomed lawn of her house overlooking Nauset Harbor, not 10 yards from where my own wedding had taken place several years earlier.

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Man Camp

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Random House, 2005

In Zoetrope founding editor Brodeur’s wry, breezy debut novel, two 30-something Manhattan sophisticates decide that metrosexuals need to recover their alpha-male instinct and take it upon themselves to show them how. Lucy, a biologist and author of Sexual Selection: What Humans Can Learn from Animals, and her best friend, Martha, an actress, believe that the Manhattan man has no idea how to woo a woman and peg this deficiency to the theory that urbanity has stripped him of his essential maleness. While Lucy grows frustrated with her devoted but insecure boyfriend, Adam, Martha starts a service called FirstDate that gives men a chance to have their dating skills critiqued. But the two decide that the hapless fools need far more than just one date to become gentlemen. So Lucy’s manly-man friend (and Martha’s ultimate love interest) Cooper offers the pair use of his dairy farm as a training grounds for Man Camp, where they’ll offer lessons in everything from “confidence to carpentry to chivalry” in an effort to rehabilitate men for long-term relationships. There, in a neat conclusion to this cleanly written, brainy chick-lit tale, the women learn they can’t necessarily apply sociobiology to human romance.
– Publisher’s Weekly

“If you’ve ever fantasized about unleashing your man’s inner beast, then this fun, lighthearted book is for you.”
– Cosmopolitan “Red-Hot Reads”

“Chick-lit with a sense of humor for readers of both sexes.”
– USA Today

“Cheeky and chick-pleasing.”
– Vanity Fair

“A hilarious take on the battle between the sexes. If only ‘Man Camp’ really existed!”
Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City

“Faster than a speeding cab, more fun than a barrel of primates, Man Camp is both a rollicking romp and a novel that’s all heart, with characters as real and lovable as your own best friends.”
Melissa Bank, author of The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

“Adrienne Brodeur is the Audubon of love and mating habits in the big city. One peek through her binoculars and you’ll be hooked. Funny, disarming, and real, Man Camp is a dazzling debut by a gifted writer with a big heart.”
Adriana Trigiani, author of the Big Stone Gap Trilogy and Lucia, Lucia

“Man Camp is a great concept and Brodeur’s debut novel is filled with hilarious details,exploring the very funny (but true) list of things men should just know.”
Jill A. Davis, author of Girls’ Poker Night

“As the sort of guy who could probably use a few weeks at Man Camp, I felt right at home in this breezy comedy of manners. It’s a delightful romp and a great summer read.”
Steve Almond, author of Candy Freak and My Life in Heavy Metal